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It is simply the best observerhip in the United States 🇺🇸 ! I'm currently doing and I super recommend because the experience is fantastic! We take the history of patients individually, making Assessment / Plan and then documenting all the patient's data with billing, coding and charting! Excellent opportunity to learn from this incredible team

Gustavo OM, Brazil

The best place ever . My heart will always stay with you -LAFP. Such a family like environment, wonderful team of doctors and staff. I think every IMG has to go to LAFP at least once in their life .

Sevara Sultanova, US

I did two months of observership here and it was definitely a great and enriching experience! You learn a lot about the EMR system, SOAP notes, interacting with patients, history taking , counseling... etc and the doctors are extremely nice and knowledgeable and will always go the extra mile in discussing cases with the observers and taking their inputs.. You see all sorts of different cases in the clinic and you get to learn about the insurance and billing system.. It was kind of like a mini-residency. I definitely recommend anyone looking for an observership to apply here.. it’s an opportunity not to be missed

Dina Talha, New Jersey

Its been exactly 1 year since i have done my rotation at LAFP......it just feels like yesterday that i have started it.....awesome people and memorable experiences......dr.geffen, dr.amit,dr alka, brandon and the staff everyone is soo sweet that time just flew by in a flash.....to all those people thinking it is fake.....you are missing once in a life time opportunity......

Kowtha Praveen, Guntur

Such a wonderful clinic for IMGs to do rotation there. Very friendly staff, Dr.Geffen, Dr.Alka, Dr. Amit and Brandon. You will get a real hand on experience, history taking, interacting with the patient, presenting the case to the physician and discuss your management plan.

Salman Elgharbawy, Egypt

I rotated here this year. It was a great experience. The staff was very supportive and friendly. You get to take history, present cases, write SOAP notes, learn about the EMR, billing and coding. Dr. Aggarwals keep in touch with the observers even after the rotation is finished. Just shows how concerned they are for us. Highly recommend this observership opportunity!

Anum Arif

This observership is a really valuable hands-on opportunity that helped me a lot to learn and to get extremely supportive LORs that helped me secure a great Match position this year though it was my only USCE as an IMG. In addition, Dr. Amit, Dr. Alka & Dr. Geffen are all super-nice and really into helping you learn quickly and make the most out of the experience in an enjoyable and rich environment. I am extremely grateful that I had this opportunity and would absolutely recommend it to anyone on their track to Match

Isabel M.

It is quite unbelievable to have a free excellent img observership opportunity in a clinic in the USA. My experience in LAFP clinic surpassed my expectations because of the ample hands-on opportunities the physicians allow us to get. This is an invaluable educational privilege for someone preparing for any OSCE exams eg USMLE cs or Canadian nac OSCE exam bcos it can tremendously build ur confidence talking to patients and taking history. Awesome non clinical staffs . Thank you for the opportunity once again!!!

Alex Ross

Great clinical experience. Can't thank enough for teaching the EMR. l agree with my other colleagues regarding the professional exposure. Working with Dr.Alka, Dr.Amit and Dr.Geffen was a continuous learning process. l recommend IMG to reap the benefits from the exposure.

Alisa Milano

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